Performing top between jetlag, hotel and station food

Learn in this 3-day intensive seminar how to avoid burnout and stress as an entrepreneur, presenter or executive, perform top even with jetlag and profitably advance your business with your presence and your voice on the international stage.


Performing top/successfully between jet lag, hotel and station food


(3 day intensive course)

Top negotiating despite jetlag in your bones? Staying creatively active between station food, hotel rooms and cabs? Not letting your own body burn out when you hardly know your own home anymore?
As an entrepreneur doing business internationally, you can tell a thing or two about this. But the question is: how long do you want to keep it up like this?
Do you feel like having a heart attack at 50? Or a permanent buzzing in the ear?
Oh what, have you already?!?
Then it is very high time, with understanding and respect for yourself, to set the course differently.

In this seminar you get the necessary KnowHow and simple, immediately convertible Tipps.


Why you – despite your busy calendar – should attend this seminar?

1. Because you only have one body, and it can only run with you up to a certain limit.

2. Because a dead entrepreneur no longer makes a profit!

3. Because no business in the world is worth you getting sick.

What the seminar does for you?


1. It rearranges your value structure and gives your personality back the space it needs.

2. Not only does it give you an overview of all the building blocks you need to be a well-traveled entrepreneur, but it also packs you a big travel bag full of KnowHow and exercises you can easily apply anywhere so you can execute your passion with joy, stress-free and healthy for a long time.

3. You will learn to deliver a top performance even if you are not fit health-wise.

4. You will get compact knowledge about jet lag, sleep cycles, physical fitness and nutrition while traveling and a set of practical tools to help you manage it properly.

5. You’ll learn how to make the most of your voice – your most important tool.

6. You will train the optimal interaction between voice, body and presence, so that you appear as a strong personality at all times.

Who am I to teach you that?


I am an entrepreneur myself and as an opera and concert singer, speaker and coach for voice and presence for over 15 years all over the world. Especially as an opera and concert singer, I always have to be fit to deliver a top performance – no matter if I still have jet lag in my bones, the air in the room is way too dry or the acoustics are crap.

How to keep up this high physical and mental load across all time zones is something I’ve learned over the years – also by asking experienced colleagues for advice and compiling the knowledge. It’s not usually known outside the stage business.

That’s exactly why I want to share it with you in this crash course as a tool to keep you healthy and happy in your job. Because I have already experienced too many burnt-out and voice-sick entrepreneurs who could have spared themselves all that with the know-how of the seminar.

In this sense I promise you: it will be one of the most valuable tips you will get in your internationally operating entrepreneurial life!

Course material and catering included in the course fee.

Bootcamp für Unternehmer

Frankfurt: 09. – 11.10.2020, Hamburg: 06. – 08.05.2020, Köln: 11. – 13.12.2020, München: 03. – 05.07.2020, Stuttgart: 24. – 26.04.2020

Performing top between jetlag, hotel and station food

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