Leading with voice & charisma “Make a difference” as (leadership) personality

“Make a difference” as a leader through your successful communication, resonant voice, strong demeanor and winning personality. Learn to be the difference!


Leading with voice & charisma
“Make a difference” as a (leadership) personality


(2 day seminar)

Suppose it were possible for you to feel as comfortable in your role as a leader as you would otherwise feel in your private skin? Let’s say you could feel comfortable, confident, and sovereign despite the high level of responsibility you carry – even with your higher-level bosses. And how would it be if you were so much more successful at work and communicating with your employees, and in addition to the success and higher turnover, you would also have fun at work?

That would be a deal?

Then lay the foundation for it in this seminar.

How to do that?

Use your resources optimally!

In this seminar you will learn:

– always be the “best you” – even in difficult situations
– to trust yourself, your voice, your body and your presence, so that you can become
at all.
can become charismatic
– To use your voice optimally in every situation
– To use your voice to lead employees and bosses
– how to optimally adjust your body, voice and expression to each other, so that your personality
sovereign, strong and stable and you feel comfortable and confident.
– how you always find back to your core, when outside the chaos rages
– how you achieve the best solutions and successes from this core and
– how you control your effect on others via the subconscious

Who am I to teach you this?

I am an opera and concert singer, speaker and coach for voice and presence and have been dealing with the effect of voice, communication and external impact on others for over 20 years. During this time I have learned that the strongest and most charismatic effect can only be created when you as a leader are totally connected to yourself and draw from your personality for this role as well. Most of the time we serve a cliché or role model and cut off a part of our personality for it. But this is exactly what causes us to feel uncomfortable in our role, to react insecurely, to possibly make mistakes and to not convince others 100 percent. Yet we could be so successful if we simply remained ourselves! And how we can do that, which tools we need for it, so that we always succeed, that is what this seminar wants to convey.

To help you make the difference as a (leadership) personality.

Course material and catering included in the course fee.


This seminar can also be booked as an inhouse seminar

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Hamburg: 27. – 28.06.2020, Köln: 07. – 08.11.2020, München: 22. – 23.02.2020, Stuttgart: 15. – 16.05.2020

Leading with voice & charisma “Make a difference” as (leadership) personality

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