What is the Huhs' Resonance Method?

This method combines body, voice and impact training at top level, can be flexibly adapted to the employees and their field of activity and delivers fast and sustainable results for the corporate team. E.g. more self-confident appearance, more focused and customer-oriented communication and more resilience and better performance in stressful situations.

The key to everything lies in optimizing physical processes to achieve the best effect and solution in every situation. Because whether we like it or not, our body is the executor – whatever we think, visualize and implement.
And that’s where things often get stuck in the implementation: because you can think everything correctly. But whether the body or the voice will then implement it, that is the other question.

Huhs’ resonance method consists of 7 different steps. Here are 3 of the 7 steps:
– LoKey body corrections (using the right muscle groups to achieve the desired effect).
– Self-confident appearance with appropriate emotions and flexible dynamics depending on the situation
– Developing your “rescue programs” that you can use in stressful situations to strengthen your resilience
These are just three of the seven essential steps of Huhs’ Resonance Method.
ALL seven are required for the success of Huhs’ Resonance Method.